Administrative & Regulatory Proceedings

Many of the Firm’s practice areas require appearance before regulatory bodies and helping our clients comply with specific administrative and regulatory rules and procedures.  While not involving the courts, judges or juries, the application of these regulations and  the decisions of these regulatory bodies have significant impact on  our clients’  business and personal success. The Firm has substantial experience in representing clients in all aspects of administrative and regulatory compliance, proceedings and hearings.

Areas of Experience

Our Administrative and Regulatory Proceedings practice group has significant experience at all levels of administrative and regulatory compliance:

  • Consultation on Specific Statutes and Regulations
  • Regulatory Compliance Advice
  • Administrative Filings & Reports
  • Administrative Conferences & Meetings
  • Administrative Inquires and Audits
  • Regulatory Dispute Resolution
  • Administrative Proceedings and Hearings
  • Public Hearings
  • Administrative Appeals
  • Civil Courts
  • Appellate Courts

Practice Group Members

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