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Rouse Frets White Goss Gentile Rhodes joins campaign to help defeat Kansas City tax incentives proposal

By July 8, 2019September 30th, 2019Client Results

Kansas City, Mo., July 3, 2019 – Rouse Frets White Goss Gentile Rhodes, under the leadership of attorney Mike White, joined the campaign to defeat a tax incentive measure that appeared on the June 18 Kansas City, Missouri ballot.

The measure, Question One, was placed on the ballot through a citizen initiative petition and would have capped economic development incentives, such as TIF and tax abatement, at 50% of their statutory maximum with no exclusion for distressed or under-resourced areas. The firm saw this as severely impeding the future of economic development in the city.

Joining the firm in opposition of Question One were a variety of organizations including the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, local attorneys, developers, construction firms, labor unions, architects and more.

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