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White Goss Shareholders Mary Jo Shaney and Jim Bowers Win Kansas Tax vs. Fee Case, Overturning City of Mission’s Illegal “Driveway Tax”

By April 10, 2017September 30th, 2019Client Results

n a significant victory for White Goss’s clients, including the Heartland Apartment Association, the Kansas Supreme Court held that the City of Mission, Kansas’s transportation utility fee was an illegal excise tax, not within the City’s Home Rule Powers under the Kansas Constitution and further violated Kansas Statute. The Kansas Supreme Court has remanded the case to the Johnson County District Court to resolve certain issues including refunding money paid under the illegal tax scheme. Mary Jo Shaney and Jim Bowers led the White Goss litigation and land use teams that worked on this case since it was filed in 2012.

Heartland Apartment Association v. City of Mission – Kansas Supreme Cour…