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By September 17, 2017September 30th, 2019Awards and Accomplishments

Trial attorney Mike Campbell wrote a guest column for The Missouri Trial Attorney stating that his superheroes growing up “did not wear capes,” but instead donned “suits and carried briefcases.”

Those superheroes–who he said “argued in courtrooms” and “fought tooth and nail” for his family–were Rouse Frets’ own Douglas Gentile, Tim Frets and Evan Douthit.

Campbell said he was about nine years old when he was asked to draw the pedal of his dad’s bicycle on the stand. The pedal snapped off halfway through a cycle, causing his father to fall and suffer “substantial injuries,” the letter reads. His father’s care at a Kansas medical facility was completely mismanaged, he writes, which later led to a fatal, massive heart attack.

The trial attorneys went on to investigate Campbell’s father’s case, “relentlessly” seeking justice for Campbell’s family.

Campbell said the attorneys traveled to the bike manufacturer and discovered that improper parts were being used on the bikes and found that employees were aware of the process but were “ignored” by management. They also discovered that the doctor treating Campbell’s father had “permanently damaged” his father, eventually leading to his death.

Because of the attorneys’ investigation, Campbell’s family filed suit–and won–against both the manufacturer and the doctor, inspiring him to follow in the footsteps of his “heroes” and practice law himself.

Read Campbell’s full guest column in The Missouri Trial Attorney’s fall 2017 edition.