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Defective Child Safety Seats

Literature and studies from around the world have consistently proved that, when children are properly restrained in well-designed child safety seats, they can literally walk away from the most violent of automobile wrecks without suffering any serious injuries – even when other occupants of the car are killed. Unfortunately, the reality here in the United States is that such wrecks are the leading cause of serious injury or death for children. Our firm’s experience in handling cases involving these products has led us to conclude that one of the primary reasons why our children are at risk in car wrecks is because some – but certainly not all – of the child safety seats sold in the United States are defective and unreasonably dangerous. Government regulation of safety seats is weak and underfunded, and safety seat manufacturers rarely, if ever, tell regulators about test failures or what they actually know about the “real world” performance of their products. Parents are left in the dark, and faithfully use their “safety seats” without ever realizing that better alternatives are almost always available. In fact, our experience has established that child occupant protection – the express purpose of a child safety seat – can be dramatically improved for just a few pennies in cost.

If your child has been injured by a child safety seat and/or by a problem with your vehicle’s restraint system, depend on the extensive experience we have with child safety seat and restraint failures. Contact our attorneys in Kansas City, Missouri, today.

The law firm is sad to say that defective child safety seat and restraint failure cases are a large part of our nationwide motor vehicle defects practice.

There are a host of complex issues in the realm of child safety seat litigation. Our lawyers have developed and pioneered many of the defect and negligence theories that are used in this litigation. From defects pertaining to the seats themselves to poorly worded on-product labeling and product literature, our trial lawyers have set the standard in child safety seat litigation.

We have been involved in more child safety seat cases than any lawyers in the country. Our results are unparalleled. We have tried more child safety seat cases on behalf of children and their families than any other lawyers in the country and have won numerous trials, including an $8.5 million verdict for a paralyzed young boy and a $10.4 million verdict for parents who lost their 4-month-old son due to a defective infant seat. We achieved for three of our clients the three largest reported settlements in the history of child safety seat litigation: a $13 million settlement in North Carolina, a $15.7 million settlement in New York and a $10 million settlement in Texas.

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All child safety seat and restraint failure cases are handled on a contingent fee basis. We do not receive any attorneys’ fees unless we are able to obtain a verdict or settlement.